Kelly + Joe - married! Arosa Ranch, Bridesville, BC

We knew it was going to be a wonderful wedding having know these two for several years. From the moment we booked Kelly + Joe. When we learned where the wedding would be. When we learned what their love looked like after their engagement session. And all about how much they loved each other + their families. We knew it was going to be goooood.

but we had no idea.

From the very beginning of the day when we met up with the girls getting ready at the Walnut Beach Resort, everything was so relaxed - Kelly a bit nervous but still full of smiles and lots of laughter with her mom + girlfriends. Joe arrived for their first look which took place right on lake Osoyoos. Kelly snuck up behind him and greeted him with the biggest of hugs. Joe smiled so wide we thought his face might explode. BIG SMILES, BIG HUGS, BIG LOVE! After a few snaps we grabbed the wedding party and off to frolic in the hot desert sun and then seek some shade + lunch in the orchard of a local friend (thanks Evan!). Kelly created such and gracious timeline that allowed for so much photo creativity and a great afternoon with their wedding party. We thank you for that! After the orchard lunch break we headed up to Arosa Ranch and spent a bit of time down by the lake for a few more wedding party snaps - SHOUT OUT TO THE WEDDING PARTY - you guys offered such great energy + support to K + J and to us too! Props to you guys for asking to hold our reflector so that we could both shoot and offering us water and treats. amazing. thank you! more BIG LOVE.

As Kelly walked down the aisle her veil got caught up on one of the chairs, she started laughing as her dad rescued her from the chair. Together they giggled and continued down the aisle. Kelly + Joe exchanged vows as the sun fell low in the sky.

Dinner was prepared by the very talented chef Chris Van Hooydonk of Artisan Culinary Concepts (I photographed his intimate backyard wedding in 2011). It was a joy to watch Mikkel work alongside him as he served up one hell of a spread. Guests raved about every plate. It was fun to listen to everyone at our table chatter about  their food experience enjoying "the HUMMUS" or "the HEIRLOOM Tomatoes". The meal he created was indeed unforgettable by many.

Joe's brother turned out to be one of the most hilarious and animated MC's we have ever had the pleasure to listen too. Turns out Kelly + Joe have funny friends, a lot of them. Feeding off of each other's jokes all night every speaker was on a roll - nearly bring the whole darn tent down with BOOMING laughter. oh we loved it.

 Thank you K + J for sharing yourselves, your family + friends with us. You all are so wonderful! Thank you for allowing us to share this very, very long blog post. We thank your kick ass timeline for the opportunity to snag all the delicious photos. This is but a taste of some of the incredible images captured  from your wedding day.

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