kelly + joe - engaged!


Oh, how I love the south Okanagan sunsets -  the rich, golden light always gets me!  Osoyoos locals Kelly + Joe happily met up with in me in the boondocks late in the evening on Canada Day long weekend to dodge the hot temps + tourists. It was truly 32+ in the town center at 7pm  no joke!  So we headed out to the hills to escape some of the chaos. Here we hid in the shade of the forest until the sun finally surrendered and the temps dipped to a bit to minimize the sweat factor.  We were joined by some of the hillside villagers who serenaded with a chorus of "moos" and  nervously observed our session from a mildly awkward distance. Leaving us to also nervously keep an eye on them and making action plans in case a stampede broke out! Lots of laughs and chatter were shared and the landscape proved to be the perfect backdrop for an engagement session that was centered around love + reflective of Kelly + Joe's sweet, laid-back personalities!

Special thanks to Caroline for letting us borrow her killah vintage bike and to our friends up the hill who generously allow element photo to borrow their beautiful fields : )