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Sarah + Nick // ENGAGED! // Salt Spring Island

"I LOVE EVERYTHING about what you are describing about their wedding day...Floral crown station??! Food trucks and multiple live musicians? PINCH. ME. Plus they are the cutest couple ever AND he is holding a lucky. I think we will get along, just fine!" Was my response to Emma McCormick's Creative's email this past April when she was inquiring about wedding photography coverage for Sarah + Nick's backyard wedding. Sarah + Nick did not disappoint. He even brought a lucky.

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Heather + Ryan // Married // Tofino, BC

"No power in Tofino, all day now. Bring candles." Was the text I received from the bride on route to Heather + Ryan's Tofino beach wedding. The storm of the season was rolling in, a Typhoon some were saying. Big winds, big tides and even bigger surf. They always say its lucky if it rains on your wedding day, how about it if Typhoons??!

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Kyla + Mike // MARRIED Quamichan Lake, BC

I met Kyla + Mike last summer over Drumroaster's coffee shortly after she saw wedding photo's I did for her highschool classmates online. "We had to meet you right away!". What I found in that Cobble Hill coffee shop was two of the sweetest souls. Kindness, steadiness, nervous laughter and grace poured out of them during our brief coffee date. I knew that their wedding day would be nothing short of incredible. So we talked about how they met (Music Festival in Pemberton involving the Tragically Hip and first kisses), we talked details of their wedding day plans on a private property on Quamichan Lake, first looks and mountain top portraits where they got engaged in Maple Bay. We talked about their excitement to relocate back to Vancouver Island (last Winter) and the adventures they would have in Nicaragua. I knew I liked these two, the kind of couple I walk away from and think to myself "we should be friends".

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Racyne + Craig // Married // Osoyoos, BC

Under a weeping willow on his grandparents lakeside property Racyne + Craig set out to get married in a special spot. Here a place rich with memories for both of them they promised each other forever. The setting was beautiful, obviously. On grandma's lawn friends and family cheered them on, as many of them have been dreaming of this wedding day for a long, long time.

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Ashley + Dan // Married // Prince George, BC

This July took Meg + I to Prince George, BC for what may have quintessentially been the most beautiful designed wedding of the season! When Ashley contacted me last year she said "We are having a barn wedding Rustic/Chic style. Though the barn may be the only rustic part. No burlap, think chandeliers and silk instead". HELLO. BRING ON THE SILK!

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Gaby + John // Married!

Gaby + John invited friends and family from both the West and East coast of the USA to join them at Bird's Eye Cove farm for their beautiful summer wedding. Guests gathered, visited and celebrated Gaby + John's new life together alongside musicians duo Qristina and Quinn Bachand who brought their Celtic and roots sound to the farm. Their friends were hilarious and made the whole afternoon a whole lot of fun for us! After a delicious meal and entertaining speeches the whole group lit up the dance floor. Seriously some of the most impressive moves I've seen yet!! While the dance floor was buzzing and the pressures of the day were over we slipped away with G+J at dusk to snap some of my favourite portraits of the day. Such a relaxing way to wrap up a beautiful day.

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Heather + Ryan // Engaged!

I met up with Heather + Ryan at the Red Arrow Brewery in Duncan. Both of them lovers of craft beer I thought it was the perfect place to get started on our session! What a great venue, and the beer flights they picked hit the spot. These two met at work at the Laurel Point Inn. After returning to work after taking some time off to travel Heather "noticed" a new face, who just happened to be tall-dark-and-handsome. The grapevine confirmed for her that Ryan was in a relationship...c'est la vie she thought. Fast forward 2 years and Heather is finishing her schooling and getting back to work full time at the Laurel. A few more random hallway run in's with Ryan filled with light chatter and humour. On one occasion he left her with a flattering comment. Causing some heart flutters + confusion for Heather but instilled a confidence that Ryan was now single. Later confirmed by the grapevine! Fast forward a few months and they were taking their first trip together and making plans for the future.

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Seana + Mike // Married // St James Club, Morgan Bay, St. Lucia
Tarryn + Dan // New Westminister, BC
Gaby + John // Engaged Victoria, BC
Larkin + Scott // Married - Kingfisher Resort and Spa Courtenay, BC