Heather + Ryan // Married // Tofino, BC



"No power in Tofino, all day now. Bring candles." Was the text I received from the bride on route to Heather + Ryan's Tofino beach wedding. The storm of the season was rolling in, a Typhoon some were saying. Big winds, big tides and even bigger surf. They always say its lucky if it rains on your wedding day, how about it if Typhoons??!

Meghan + I made a pit stop in Port Alberni and grabbed the necessities. Candles, water, snacks and extra batteries! With excitement we got back on the road. When we arrived to check into our hotel the power was out. We felt our way up the stairs and down the hall finally finding our room. Dropped our gear and set off to meet Heather and do a bit of scouting.  It wasn't long before we found Heather, met her family and she jumped at the opportunity to do a beach walk with us. It was SO windy and rainy we could hardly keep our faces upright to talk to each other. Salt water was spraying and the waves were super sized and frothy. We made a game plan. She wasn't the least bit intimidated by the weather. So confident it was going to work out and ready for whatever mother nature was going to throw her way. Nothing was going to take the joy out of their big day!

That night I dreamed of hurricanes and plow winds (prairie people know what I am talking about). I even dreamt that I looked outside my Tofino hotel room to watch the plow winds take out a grain elevator and a dilapidated barn. Im pretty sure a jersey cow flew by the window as well. You could say I was a bit concerned about the weather.

The morning of the wedding we fueled up on Tacofino (naturally) and arrived to the bridal house to find that....why are the waves so close to the beach house?!  There was no beach. There was no beach. No beach. Beach wedding. No beach. Nada. Zippo. Zilch.

Que the ladies. Happy happy happy! Not phased in the least. "We will get married on the lawn" or "on the porch or the path...if we have too" "But we really want to get married on the beach". Que sideways rain. Insert Groomsman pacing and checking tidal charts. More pacing. More beer.

Everyone carried on, this was not a big deal for Heather. Not in the least. It could have been a blue bird day out there watching her get ready and enjoy all the special moments with her closest girls, mom and aunt. 30 min before the ceremony was to take place the tide receded and the wind became calm. Just enough to make their wedding dream come true. They were going to get married on South Chesterman! The people that raised them and the community that has walked with them through the years aunties, uncles, siblings and friends now lined the isle, umbrellas in hand, as Heather joyfully walked down the isle toward her groom. With big smiles through raindrops and laughter they said "I do"!  The rain halted momentarily while we snapped family photos. The rain drops joined in again during portraits but there was seriously SO MUCH JOY that you really didn't notice the droplets at all. I especially love the moodiness and romance that the rain added to their photos! Wouldn't you agree? They love each other with a quirky joy that is infectious. Laughter was easy all day long. I couldn't help but giggle as I worked on these images so many candids of smiles thiiiiiiis big.

We cozied up into the Tofino Brewery for a pint before heading off to the reception at the Tofino Hall. Heather + Ryan put so much creativity into the beautiful details inside the hall to make their guest feel oh so welcome.  Tacos were on the menu! Dinner was served family style and prepared by Chef Ryan and his assistants. It was so much fun to build tacos by sharing plates with the neighbours at your table. Such a great way to mingle and mix!  Dessert was help yourself - to an array of  d e l i c i o u s  homemade family favourite desserts by the hands of some special ladies to H + R.  DJ J-TRAK kept the dance floor buzzing all night with some of the best mixing I have EVER experienced at a wedding! Meg + I couldn't help ourselves and danced along as we snapped away! SO FUN!  To top off an unreal wedding day ... 'Steamy Weanies' Hot Dog cart arrived with more toppings than you can imagine at 11pm to satisfy the night time munchies!

What an honour to have received a glimpse of their lives and stories. I hope that when you look back at these images you are filled with heart felt memories and the genuine emotions that tell the story of your special day.  It is with a great deal of gratitude that I present to you Heather + Ryan on their wedding day.

Bride's Dress - https://www.facebook.com/BlushVictoria/?fref=ts

Bride's Hair - Haley Brown https://www.instagram.com/weddingbellestofino/?hl=en

Florals - Night Song Farm https://www.facebook.com/Night-Song-Farm-333245793439707/?fref=ts

Custom Rings - Emma Glover Design https://www.facebook.com/emmagloverdesign/?fref=ts 

Grooms Suit - RW & Co
Bridal Party Axes - http://etsy.me/2faoEg7
Bridal Party Shawls - http://etsy.me/2famhtM