Mikkel + Chris - married!

Bhut Jolokia  - boot-jole-o-key-a -

makes me think of gypsies, or maybe a decrepit japoly from the neighbors backyard. Bhut Jolokia sounds fun, sounds like a good time right?? Mmm not so much. Meet the worlds hottest pepper. The hottest pepper in the world. Guinness can vouch. And, so can Chris.

Mikkel + Chris are an exceptional couple, their laid back, warm personalities are comfortable and inviting. After spending a bit of time with them, you cant help but want to spend more time with these two. One evening a week before the wedding I headed over to their private piece of Okanagan paradise for a visit. These two make you feel immediately at ease, we joked, we talked about travel, love, wild mushrooms and you got it, Bhut Jolokia's.  Chris is the Executive Chef at Burrowing Owl Estate Winery and taught me that night about those crazy peppers that he actually grows in his backyard! wild!

M + C committed their lives to each other on a summer evening in their backyard. An intimate and private ceremony surrounded by a handful of very close friends and the vineyard. Simple and so romantic. The following week they hosted 50 of their family and friends for a wedding celebration, again on their beautiful property. Located on a hillside surrounded by peach orchards, and vineyards and big beautiful trees. Mikkel + Chris entertained their guests with the most delicious meal, prepared and presented by Chris himself. Everything was attended to, right down to the last detail. The food was impecable and likely the best meal I will ever have. Wedding dinner WIN! Mikkel had requested a mini session with her best gal, Rocket. Great idea! These two have a friendship that is super tight and why not photograph two gorgeous gal pals?

Later I escaped the crowds with Mikkel + Chris for some peaceful wedding portraits in the peach orchard. The air was full with the fragrance of ripe peaches sweetened by the sun. Amazing. Thank you so so so much for the wonderful evening, one of the best.


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