Chantel + Patrick


Chantel + Patrick, you guys are crazy, zany and so much fun!! These two are on a working holiday in the Okanagan for the summer, sweet hey? I think so. Planning for a wicked adventure abroad and saving their pennies to do so. Estimated time of departure? This January. Destination? Unknown...or maybe a just little unknown. These two fly by the seat of their pants and I like it. Chantel is a pharmacist too, so we got to know each other this summer as co-workers.As well she is a talented yoga teacher! Patrick a high school teacher and Sumac Ridge wine server extraordinaire! Not only did I have the worlds best locum to work with this summer, M and I made fun new friends too! Thanks for the great times this summer Chantizzle and for keeping me energized at work with your mantras and positive spirit!


smokin' whoa!

then the sunset! so we experimented with low light...i like it, the texture kind of reminds me of my film days!