what to wear??

holy doodle this summer has been jam packed with couple's sessions, engagement sessions and even a few family sessions! Its been a busy one and one of the most common questions I get asked after booking is...

"Erika you fashion guru you, your photo style is so outrageous we want to look great for our upcoming session, what on earth do we wear??"

(do people really ask that? yes. just like that? no. was that a little over-the-top? hehe maybe. Im no guru...but lets see what I say in response anyways)

"...Im certainly no fashionista, although I like to try! I do know that couples that go a little out of their way to dress and look extra great for their session never ever regret it. And while they look and feel extra fabulous their photos come out looking that much better!"

Then I share some of the following tips to help my clients get their creative juices flowing. Remember this is the fun part! The images below are items that I like personally, just like the items you select to wear should reflect you personally! Hopefully this helps to boost your inspiration!




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