baby Hardison

I met Hardison's mom and dad on a Westjet flight to Edmonton this fall. Nicki was about half way through her pregnancy and just days away from finding out if they were going to be welcoming a little boy or girl to their family. Nicki and I chatted non-stop all the way to Edmonton discussing our favorite local interior design haunt (bespoke!), her pregnancy, our careers, the insane travelling addictions we suffer from, our Manitoba roots, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Luckily JP took the aisle seat *wink*. We exchanged contact info and off we went to celebrate Thanksgiving with our families. I emailed her almost the next day dying to know "blue or pink?!". My email bounced and I thought "awe shucks" as I thought I lost a contact with a rad couple. When low-and-behold while travelllling in the Philippines this winter I received an email from Nicki "the girl from the Westjet flight". I immediately responded like she was a long lost friend-o-mine. She was just about to have her baby, well in a couple weeks anyways...we would talk when I got back. WELL. Little man Hardison entered the world a full 3 weeks early on Feb 13 2013, just two days after my return!! We finally managed to connect and little man did not disappoint. Hardison was a joy to photograph and I just loved being able to delve into JP + Nicki's life a little further (+ meet her mom too!). Did you know they also got engaged on a Westjet flight (!!) Married at Victoria's famous Baird and Banker? Carried a 10lb buddha head ornament all over Vietnam in their backpack??! (Note: All of Nicki + JP's amazing art on display in their home are now Velcro-d down to shelving "child proofing" the way of the style savvy domestic goddess - amazing!). There is a teeny touch of  competition for attention with the furry friends of  family now that there is a small human in the family...but we paid no mind and let them bask in little of the photography limelight too.  Hardison will grow up in a family filled with a keen sense of adventure and a desire to travel all the corners of the world, a family that just love's him to bits! I think we can all agree he is a lucky little fella (and mom and dad are pretty lucky too!).  See you guys again soon!

enjoy the photos.