Home of Hope - Sidney's on a Mission!


My friend Sidney has an UH-amazing opportunity to travel to Rwanda + Kenya this spring to offer help to a country that is in great need. See Sid is a student at Bible School at Word of Life church in Red Deer, AB. She will be working with an organization called Home of Hope and will working on a number of interesting projects including feeding and caring for babies in an Orphanage rescued from the local 30 acre dump.  Yes, the poverty is so bad women literally throw their babies in the dump… but Home of Hope is working hard to change this harsh reality.

Home of Hope is a non-profit, Red Deer based organization dedicated to helping desperate children in Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya, Congo, and India. Through a monthly sponsorship program, Home of Hope is helping hundreds of children and orphans. Many children are going to school for the first time,  they have dozens of orphanages in each of these countries so that kids are no longer living on the street, and they are feeding over 2200 children daily who would otherwise be digging through dumps to find scraps to eat. They are also helping widows and women with microloans to start small businesses in order to provide for themselves and their families. Sidney's heart for these children is so big and her realistic outlook on the support she will be able to provide to the lives of the childern she will care for in Africa is honorable. She is working hard to raise $4000 that will help her get to Africa and help thousand's of children that Home of Hope is involved with. Any extra funds that she raises she will be able to distribute where she identifies a need! For example, she is raising money to buy pigs. These pigs only cost us $35. However, to the people in Kenya and Rwanda, one pig will literally change a whole family’s’ lives by giving them a way to make money for years and years to come. Also, for every $1 given she will personally be able to give a meal to 1 child. Therefore, $100 can feed 100 children who would otherwise be digging through the dump to find something to eat!

Mission work is something that Malcolm + I have felt a calling to do for a very long time. We are waiting and prayerfully seeking the right opportunity for us. In the meantime we happily GIVE AND SUPPORT our friends in the field as we know that the assistance that they lend to other's will help make another's life a little brighter.

Sidney has less than ONE MONTH to raise just $1200 more to meet her minimum goal of $4000. Every little bit helps and every bit of excess will go directly to a child in need - hand delivered by Sidney.

In closing a little word from Sidney + info and how you can help : )

"I am so excited for my trip to Africa next month. There’s so much need in Africa and though I can’t change a whole country I am so overjoyed to go and make a difference in the lives of the people and children that I come in contact with while I am there. It is such an honour to give what I have in order to make someone else’s life a little better. All I can ask is that you would be able to support me as I go, knowing that your gift will have a gigantic impact.  To send your support make out a cheque to Home of Hope with my name (Sidney Pankratz) in the memo and then send to: Home of Hope RR4 Site 4 Box 50 Red Deer, AB Canada T4N5E4 . Again, thank you so very much for helping me get to Africa and making a difference!"

Spread the word! Let's send Sid to Africa!