Michelle + Mitch - expecting!

You may recall element photography's most famous couple...M + M! Gracing the element photography blog with their stunningly good looks in a spontaneous love session in 2009 (technically not engaged at this point), their lovely June 2011 wedding, and many just for fun snaps of life, with me, with Mitch and of just Michelle in between!  At 8 months pregnant Michelle made the trip to Victoria to catch up with her sister Nat and myself for a much needed break before baby arrives in May. She is ever-so-fabulous and showing off her baby bump with such great style. As we walked and shopped the inner Harbour it was so fun for me to see all the people who would smile at her in passing, ask her "when are you due" - May, "do you know what you are having" - girl (!!).

3 final outfits - 3 great locations - shopping - ice cream - healthy meals - triplet baby lambs - Coombs Market - Cowichan Bay - ice cream - s'mores on the beach - getting dolled up - laughs - quality conversation - instagram - great girls weekend

She's cute, I love her and can't wait to meet the wee babe in just a few weeks!

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