Michelle + Mitch - Arosa Ranch Wedding PART ONE

There was WAY to much good stuff to pack into one post. This beauty's coming at you in 3 parts. yes-i-said-three.

Late Friday morning I arrived at Michelle's home as she was getting the final touches on her make-up. She was radiant, the atmosphere calm as she described her morning with the her girlfriends. I remarked on that her townhouse renovations looked great!  Michelle had worked so hard tackling many DIY projects while Mitch was finishing his hockey season in Norfolk to make her space more comfortable, warm,  to feel like their home. I gathered her dress, jewels and shoes and got to work.  "I LOVE them, they are exactly what I wanted" I heard her exclaim to her sister as Natalie walked in with bouquets of lucisous and oh-so fragrant flowers from polka-dot-door. Snapping away silently I reflected over the past 3 years that I have been lucky to get to know Michelle, and then Mitch. Amazing to think how far this couple as come and the distance their love endured as Mitch resided in the US 8 months of the year. M + M met at a Canada Day pork roast in the summer of 2008 an annual event hosted by the the Fritz family. That summer brimmed with excitement of new love and camping trips with family and friends at Mable Lake. Before they knew it summer was coming to a close and off to New York Mitch went to pursue his hockey career. Michelle so committed to regular trips down to see Mitch with suitcases full of beef jerky and other various frozen game for Mitch and his room mates. One particular trip sticks out in my mind, Mitch had been called up to play with the NY Islanders and he invited Michelle to come down to spend some time with him and watch him play. I received this frantic phone call at work, "HELP ME!! Im in Madison Square Garden. Mitch is going to play tonight, my boyfriend is going to play. There are so many people, I dont know where to go. Where do I get my ticket? Mitch said I would be able to get them, there would be a VIP booth for me to errrr or something. gah. Erika what-am-i-doing-in-madison-square-garden? I dont even know how to watch hockey". One long runonsentencewithnogaspforair. She was wiggin' out a little. Small town girl with big town dreams, the girl was standing in the heart of NYC without a clue. "Michelle, this is SO exciting. What are you wearing? Whats NYC like, do you feel like Carrie? Go get a drink, then find the ticket. Pull yourself together lady, go on"!!

It was on one of these trips down to visit Mitch, that he gave Michelle a stunning diamond ring and asked her to marry him.  The plans were set for June 2011 and the planning got into full swing! 18 months flew by in a flash as they prepared for their future and for the wedding date.

Mitch + Michelle selected Arosa Guest Ranch to host their wedding celebration. A tranquil setting nestled in the rolling hills atop Anarchist Mountain with gorgeous panoramic views has special significance to them.  Fritz estates the former property of his grandfather, lovingly remember as Bumpa surrounds the ranch area. We took advantage of Bumpa's land for Mitch + Michelles first look. I love it when a couple choose's to do a first look together and photos are wrapped up prior to the wedding ceremony!  These two gave us 3 incredible hours to work with them for their portraits. GAH. spoiled. Thank YOU! We had so much fun with M + M trucking around to many special locations that the couple had selected themselves in advance! Photos wrapped up just as rain drops started to sprinkle. Just a tease though, as the sky cleared again for a bright and beautiful outdoor ceremony.

But mother nature can be crrrrazy and wasn't quiet finished with us yet!

Everyone was tucked away in the white tent surrounded by phenomenal details. Tables full with plates of delicious warm food as the sky opened up and the rain showers came down.  Propane heaters were lit, guest changed out of summery dresses and into their tights, woolies, camo and plaid. We cuddled up under blankets and listened to the stories of Michelle + Mitch shared by the wedding party and parents. They were roasted and toasted and laughter filled the tent!

It was just before the speeches began the the sky cleared momentarily and a bright beam of sunlight pierced through the clouds. ah! A perfect double rainbow arched over the valley in view for all to see. A sign of a promise just for the newlyweds!  M + M ran out into the sunlight and shared a little dance, and a little love as the cameras fired away!! ummmm could we have asked for anything more perfect?

Michelle + Mitch, Liza and I were thrilled to be part of your day. Thank you so much for having us!

ceremony/reception - arosa guest ranch resort

florals - polka dot door flowers + gifts

catering - Tina + Glen McWallner

band - Young'uns

makeup - Christine Fritz

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