Paolera Family

Meet the Paolera's! Mike, Jenn and their three rascals Kyle, Jordan and Rhys! What a great night we had tromping around the farm together on the eve of my birthday. The boys smiled for the camera, tackled each other for the camera and even did a little kung fu for the camera. You could say they got their exercise in that night for sure! And Rhys he really had the most "fun" of all. Teasing me mercilessly about how much "fun" he was having as we wrapped up the shoot. So just when he thought all the "fun" was over...I stopped them for a couple more, juuuust for Rhys since we were having so much "fun" and all!! hehe gotcha ; )

I have to give huge, huge props to Jenn for keeping it fabulous amongst all the testosterone she is surrounded with each and every day. Is she cute or what? Not only is she sweet and fab but she is also ruling the roost while her hubby is undergoing basic training with the RCMP in Regina. It was really important to Jenn to get the family snaps completed before he took off to Saskatchewan. A great reminder of the fun times at home to get them all through the 10 months ahead. He left only a few days after the shoot! Its proof that its never ever to late to pick-up a new skill, profession or trade and re-invent your day to day. I totally admire Mike for his ability to recognize a great opportunity for himself and his family. Jumping in with both feet! SUCH a great example for his boys.

don't ya think?