DREAMERS - a jamie delaine workshop

this weekend I gathered with 3 handfuls of incredibly talented women to take part in Jamie Delaine's - DREAMERS workshop.  I didn't sleep well Sunday night I was full of anticipation for the day ahead of me. I wanted to be a sponge, absorb it all, I couldnt wait. I fretted about how I was supposed to navigate from Langley to Fort Langley, I did not know how to work the GPS that I borrowed from a friend. My mind wandered...what if I break down, or worse get lost. What if I get lost and miss the workshop all because I cant navigate a 15 min drive to my destination on glover road. Oh dear I'm in over my head. over my head. I dont spend alot of time in cities these days and quite honestly trying to drive around in them sans co-pilot wigs me out a little. My small town has 2 stop lights. This works well for me. THANKFULLY my wonderful host family the Peters, (who I photographed at Spirit Ridge earlier this Spring) draw the worlds best home made maps, make the best granola and were the best cheerleaders to pump me up for the drive ahead of me. I made it to Fort Langley just in the nick of time and was greeted at the front door by Jamie herself. Smiling she welcomed me into her darling studio as we chatted about what we had been up to since August 2010. "i made it!" and "so nice to see a familiar face" and "ohhh I like your new hair" and "look at this place, i love it". I turned the corner inside and tucked in snug as a bug were 15 other beautiful faces smiling back at me, many which I had seen before online and via facebook. It was so awesome to finally be really say hi and laugh, compliment and share ideas. I was a little intimidated by the sight but could not wait to get to know them more over the course of the day.

At my seat sat a 2 small packages and a card. Gifts from Jamie. Chocolate for breakfast and a simple journal to house my dreams.

Jamie opened up to us about her business, her past, what she hopes for in the future. We discussed vision, branding, defining your business and your ideal client, inspiration, the power of your website/blog, client experience, wedding day timelines, pricing, submissions, outsourcing and participated in a LIVE shoot lesson in lighting and edit session. She poured it all out in 12 hours or less. I listened, took notes, thought about what she was saying and imagined how I could harness these lessons and apply them to my business. I filled up my notebook margins with ideas. Focus points. Directions to pursue with my business. How to be-more-awesome, and how to show you how awesome I am.  At the end of the day I was awestruck by Jamie. My mind was a whirlwind.  She was so honest with us and candid about herself and her business. She spoke from the heart and showed us how important it is in every little way to consciously move forward every day.

As I hit the highway that night enroute back to Osoyoos my mind was a buzz. I was on a high. High on life. It gave me alot of time to think about myself and to evaluate where my life was at, and where its headed. What is important to me? What do I love? Why? What does my teux-deux list look like??

find space to dream.

This has been the accelerator and shot of energy that I needed. And heading into a busy summer season it could not have  been more perfect timing. Thank you Jamie, so very much for your time. For all of your hard work in putting this event together. For your confidence in stepping up on your soap box to encourage and lead others. For the collaboration with other stellar vendors, your beautiful models Leanne + Sam who helped make the day extra special. For reminding us to make ourselves and our families a priority, and finally for your thoughts and your inspiration for us all to move forward in this industry.

live fearlessly and dream forward.

PS.  Watch for PART 2 DREAMERS - LIVE SHOOT  featuring Leanne + Sam....there was just too much for one post : )


flowers - Balconi Florist

makeup - Kristy Lee Make-Up

eats - Wendells cafe Fort Langley