fifty years and they still got it!

I had the BEST morning with this family. I really did. Probably the happiest, giggly-est, family I have ever photographed. It was clear between the inside jokes and teasing that there is never a dull moment when this bunch gets together!  Lonna contacted me via email just a few short weeks ago, she needed a family photo shoot! I replied with the details and within minutes...she replied "sounds great, LETS DO THIS!".  Awesome, decisive...I liked her already! After we spoke on the phone I felt a genuine connection. We must have chatted about this and that for 10 minutes, we had so much common ground it was so exciting!  The whole family originally hails from Manitoba (my old stomping grounds), and get this - Gerry's uncle used to be mayor in my hometown of Winkler, MB. Small world?? Whacky!  The family was gathering to celebrate an impressive milestone. Mena and Sam (aka. Grandma and Grandpa) were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!  The remarkable couple recalled their wedding day, a wintery day in Swan Lake, MB with much fondness. It was such an encouragement to see their on-going love, laughs and faith shine through in each other.  Thanks all of you for the great day!


















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