Kachowski family

Jeremy + Lori are ammmmmazing friends to m + me. M and Jeremy met through a summer working together, eventually the job came to a close and they both went their separate ways. work-wise that is. Jer invited us to "friends day" at living way church in Oliver, our friendship grew stronger over many dinner dates and fishing trips. Lori and I had always hoped to plan a photo session but it just never seemed to work out. And then...last fall after much contemplation they decided to move their family way up north to Fort St. John to pursue an awesome job opportunity for Jeremy.  Gah on no! what about the photos? what about the fishing trips?? No worries though, this was a good move for the Kachowski's. M + me we totally understand! This spring they decided to escape the snow, the moose, and the forests to come back down south for a visit. The kiddos got to holiday with friends and cousins and Jer + Lori escaped to Mexico for the honeymoon they never had. We managed to squeak in a BBQ dinner with them before the took off for their romantic holiday in the sun and decided that we must make a photo date.

so we did!

and im so glad : )


hello, taylor swift : )