sweet thing

We had talked about getting our passport done for months, almost, but not quiet as long as we had talked about snapping some "feel good" photos.  Meet my girlfriend Karen. What started off as a simple trip to get our passports re-newed turned into a full day adventure of hunting for vintage finds, crossing our fingers to win a weekend in Vancouver to see the Black Eyed Peas, quick stops at our favorite shops, and great conversation! Karen is such a sweet heart, the kind of girl that goes out of her way for you, laughs with you and shares stories that pull on your heart stings. 2009 was a tough year for this little love.  But Karen is a resilient woman, and her love for her friends, and her God have helped her through the tough bits. When she brought up the idea of a lil' photo sesh of course I jumped at it, who wouldn't just look at those eyes! And while we didnt know quite where the day would lead we couldn't help but pull over when we saw this wild orange couch with a sign that read "free" sitting on the side of the road!  Go ahead and share some love and support on the blog for this sweet thing, afterall who couldn't use a little love??