go ahead inconvenience me

Lately time seems to be flying by me. It's almost May and I can hardly believe it! Spring is nearly behind us and it feels like it passed by in a blink!!  In between working, planning things for the wedding and sneaking in some photo sessions I hardly seem to find some down time for myself.  Recently, I was given this book the 15 revolution: Go ahead inconvenience me. If you have read it your probably a better person for it....and if you have not you should! Its a quick read which I love. You can read one a day! See easy! Simple lessons to teach us to slow down and to allow ourselves to be inconvenienced in order to help someone. Which often for me  can feel difficult. Most days of the week I am guilty for running out of the condo in the morning with toast in hand! The book just opened my eyes to how easy it really is to take a second for someone else. Being more aware of other people who are in our space, the people you would normally not think twice about. You really never know what could happen because you took a second to help someone, listen to someone, or just to compliment someone. So go ahead be the bringers of God's light to the dimmer areas of your life, take 15 minutes, read this book, and GO ahead and be inconvenienced!!