Isabella Olive

When I was home in Manitoba for a quick visit in February I was lucky to catch up with Randy his wife Shelley and their brand new baby girl Isabella Olive! This adorable little girl was only 6 weeks old at our impromptu shoot as friends watched the Canada vs. US gold medal hockey game!  We had a great time together catching up. As I write Im reminded of what a treasure great friendships are, the kind that go the distance even though  your not always there to nuture them. Randy and I have been friends for a long, long time. Over 10 years now!  Randy often participated in fun friday photoshoots during my earlier days behind the lense, but he didn't seem to mind as long as it involved coke and dill pickle chip rewards! Ahhh to be 16 again.  Its been such  blessing to get to know these two as they have grown in their relationship! And lucky for me to count Randy and Shelley as great friends!





















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