Brittney + Ryan // engaged! Osoyoos, BC

Let me introduce you to two of the greatest people on the planet, Brittney + Ryan!  This smiley, happy couple met on the world wide web! I am a firm believer that things happen at exactly the time they are supposed to. However that may be. And I am so happy that life had its way in helping these two to find each other! Wouldn't you agree? For their very first date Brittney was fashionably late - leaving Ryan to wonder if he had been...eeeps...stood up. Whoooops of course she would never, let's just blame border wait times and poor cell coverage for that. Luckily Ryan waited for her and Im sure he would agree that it was worth every minute. As their adventure together began this American-Canadian love story didn't allow border control to get in the way again. Spending long hours on the road to see each other whenever possibly in their busy teaching schedules. These two are kind, playful, and easy going and are excited to be planning a wedding and an incredible future together - without the commute!

Brittney + Ryan, I - like many other photographers - am continually reminded what an unbelievable privilege it is to step into other people's lives with the opportunity to photograph them.

Someday, your kids will have this glimpse of their mom and dad – young and full of life.  Someday, you will be able to look back and remember who you were at this stage – wildly in love, professionals, and partners.  Maybe you will recall the sub-seasonal Okanagan temperatures, the chance-of-rain, the branding on your wine bottle, how nervous you felt, and maybe you won't. But that doesn't matter. Those are the in betweens, the neither here-nor-there's. What matter's the the real life documented here.

Photographs matter.

And your in for a treat, because these photographs speak volumes about a real couple who really love each other.