Melissa + Jeremy - married! Starbuck, Manitoba

When my youngest cousin Melissa asked me if I would photograph her wedding I was thrilled! Of course I would. Melissa is the kind of girl that without even trying bring a whole lot of joy and cheer to my life. She always has with her silly jokes and big smiles! Often thinking of other first and sending you that unexpected text or phone call out of the blue just to "check in and catch up". When Jeremy came into her life I felt she had found her match!  As I recall we were on a big family vacation down in Cuba and she had juuuust started to date Jeremy. Together we left Manitoba and is -40 with windchill for +30 white sandy beaches. Heaven right?! We thought so! But after a few days in paradise she was pretty much the most homesick person you ever did see. There were not enough cervasa's to help shake her blues. She missed her man big time! Jeremy is the kind of guy that will help whenever possible, he had a generous and warm heart, and great with electronics! Melissa + Jeremy truly bring out the best in each other. When they got engaged last year we couldn't wait to celebrate their wedding day with family and friends! Together they have created a home that is welcoming and full of love, where they relax with friends and appreciate good times together. There wedding day was a reflection of just that - lot of love, laughter! M + I look forward to visiting again soon!

It was extra special that my long time girlfriend and photographer Becky of B2Photography in Winnipeg agreed to join me. Becky and I first picked up the cameras together working for our high school year book, we would go out and shoot each other and pretty much anyone we could convince to get in front of our lens. Then take our films to the IGA where Becky worked in the photo lab to have them developed. Years flew by and we both started our own businesses in different provinces and alway said how much we missed shooting together. 12 years have passed and FINALLY dreams came true and we shot our first wedding as a team! I couldn't have asked for a better partner to cover M + J's wedding day. THANKS B!