Ashley + Gavin - married! Osoyoos, BC



Ashley + Gavin first noticed each other during their second year of undergrad back in 2006 during a biology class. Ashley had asked her friend for Gavin's name and soon spotted him walking out of a building at Uni. She stepped out on a limb and boldly said "hello" to him as he jogged down the stairs, a startled Gavin tripped up and  nearly fell down the stairs! Later he found her an introduced himself one day in the Library where Ashley was studying. He learned that Ashley loves to play soccer and he helped her to find a team - the timing was right and they hit it off!

Ashley started off the morning of their wedding with her 4 bridesmaids at the Watermark Beach Resort where the girls had their hair and makeup done. When they were ready they left for Ashley's family farm to put on her gown and finishing touches where her grandma would be able to watch. Meanwhile, the boys headed to the church to greet guest and waited for the traditional ceremony to begin. The guest poured into the pews, we soon realized this may be our largest wedding to date! After a beautiful wedding ceremony we headed back to the Pereira Farm for portraits. The wedding party was so fun to work with and quite the educated bunch. We knew if anything went wrong, we were in good hands! Most importantly, they kept Ash + Gav laughing all day!

It was a joy to watch Gavin take care of Ashley all day. He doted on her every need and couldn't take his eyes off of her. Their love for each other is so genuine, so simple. Truth be told, every now and then a couple's love move's us to tears (well Liza anyways, hehe). After shooting the series of the two of them on the horizon in the desert she dropped her camera from her face and immediately started wiping the tears away. It was so good! There was a moment when we were standing amongst the sage brush in the desert. I had them cuddled up and his hand was on her cheek, foreheads together, arm around her waist. I asked them to close their eyes, breath, enjoy the peace, relax and take it all in. She closed her eyes, breathed in - and out, he didn't. He didn't close his eyes. Instead Gavin quietly kept watching his new wife and smiling. Taking it all in.

florals - flowers on main

hair - Kelsey Carvalho

makeup - Ashley Patrocinio

catering - Kirby McFadden of Mckia's restaurant, Osoyoos

cake - Sugar Sweet Cake Company of Kelowna and Lake Village Bakery of Osoyoos

dj- Spencer Jones of bmac productions, Kelowna

Bride's dress - Bliss Bridal

bridesmaids dresses - Ten Fashions

decor - paraiso events