Amanda + Chris - married! Rock Creek, BC


Amanda + Chris planned a breathtaking mountain top ceremony in the most unique and secretive locations we have yet to shoot. Every now and then we meet a couple that inspires us with their love, and their creative gumption. Amanda + Chris are just that couple. We met up with them and jumped into their 4x4 truck and after a few miles of gravel, Chris turned the truck off-road and head headed through the forest and into open pasture. We continued to climb higher and higher, and when we came to the crest of the pasture we looked down over the pristine Kettle Valley and Amanda's childhood playground. At the far end of the pasture was the original homestead where they planned to exchange their vows. We were completely awe-struck and couldn't wait to start snapping some photos. Amanda got dressed in the field behind the old house. She had such a quiet confidence about her, all the while so, so relaxed. As I photographed some portraits of her just before she saw Chris she whispered "I'm so glad your here". See? She's amazing. Thank you Amanda!

She rounded the corner of the home and walked toward Chris all smiles as their son Dace watched. They ceremony was simple and sweet. The sun continued to drop and the landscape continued to reveal even more beauty. We started their the portraits in the best light we could have wished for and Amanda + Chris couldn't take their eyes of each other. Amanda had arranged for her horse to join us, which Dace LOVED and so did we.

Thank you both for one of the most magical evenings of the summer. We feel so privileged that you choose to include us in your intimate ceremony and for sharing such special piece of your lives with us. For this we thank you and wish nothing but the very best in the adventures ahead of you!

styling by - cricket + bean

dress - bliss bridal

florals - polka dot door flowers and gifts