Logan + Ryan - married! Bird's Eye Cove Farm, Maple Bay

Logan + Ryan officially started dating in high school just before Logan took off for a one year Rotary exchange to Brazil. That year Logan travelled around Brazil, finished a year of school, took up Portuguese while Ryan played hockey and thought about Logan ; ) Logan's experience's in Brazil found a forever place in her heart and together her and Ryan and family have travelled there many times since. Her Brazilian family travelled all the way to Canada to participate in their beautiful wedding at Bird's Eye Cove Farm. Logan + Ryan's wedding day and weekend festivities were deeply centered around family - a wedding party full of siblings and cousins, her Dad delivered one of the most beautiful message's to the couple during their ceremony and all 3 of Logan's "Dad's" got to walk her down the aisle!

We were so happy to return to Bird's Eye Cove Farm for their Aug 4 2013 wedding. This time we got to collaborate with the lovely Tacy of Highberry Dew for the wedding day stylings. She brought Logan's wedding day vision to life in such awe-inspiring ways, from the amazing hand crafted Chandelier, to the LOVE Marquee lights and tiny ID tags found on guests mason jar cups.

This was a wedding weekend we waited for all year, we wished it would never end! Years in the making and thoroughly enjoyed by all. After an emotional first look, these two chased us around the farm saying an enthusiastic "YES" to all our ideas and even bringing a few of their own. Log + Ry this is what we love about you two - always up for anything and we thank you for giving us your 100% trust and creative freedom. Logan + Ryan truly bring out the best in each other. They are the kind of couple that brings out the best in other's too, you can't help but want to soak up time with them (+ their incredible families!). We love you both, and feel so fortunate to have found our way into your lives, thank you so much for sharing this day with us. We look forward to the adventures to come!

Big thank you to the staff at Bird's Eye for always being so helpful + supportive. And a special thanks to Malcolm for his carpentry work and rafter jumping + the team lead by Bryn + Tacy for the installation of that rockin' chandelier.