Ashley + Gavin - engaged!



Sunshine. Laughter. Authentic Love. Smart. Happy People . These are the feelings and thoughts that floated through my mind the night I met up with Ashley + Gavin! A couple that met back in 2006  during the second year of their undergrad during a Biology class. Ashley took notice of Gavin and  "I had asked a friend for Gavin’s name and said hello to him on the stairs at the University one day and he nearly fell down. He redeemed himself by coming to say hello in the library the following day.  He then found a soccer team for me to play for in the area and we have been friends ever since." Eventually they started dating and as life would have it their pursuit of education has taken them all over the world (Ashley has her Master's in Physiotherapy and Gavin is in Medical School). The distance was challenging but made their relationship stronger than ever allowing them to grow both together and individually - with many a skype date in between they made it and are so excited for a future - together.

Their first date took them to the boardwalk in Kelowna with ice cream in hand they chatted the night away sitting in the play ground. We decided to start the shoot in the same playground that was obviously so special to them. We wandered the warm streets of downtown Kelowna before we surrendered to the setting sun up at Knox Mountain. Here we really slowed the night down - allowing Ashely + Gavin to really enjoy each other's embrace, the views and memories being captured. Their quiet confidence and  love for each other became very evident and it was a pleasure to watch them just "be" .  Gavin said it best "we find pleasure in simply being together with the one we love. We are able to find joy whenever we spend time together, whether we are sitting and reading or exploring a new city."

Ashley, Gavin and I extend a great big THANK YOU to the lovely Yuriko Larson of Vintage Origami - Vintage Wedding Rentals for letting us have your Settee for the evening!

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