Doug + Jamie - engaged

It's so much fun when you friends get engaged! We have been rooting for D + J since well, the first time we met Jamie...and we have been rooting for Doug since well, forever. I have yet to see a more perfect compliment in a pair. We love them to pieces and can not wait to see where life's journey takes them (we are so happy to be along for the ride)! These two never sit still, always on to the next adventure or spending quality time with their families. They are both avid hikers and outdoors people navigating all kinds of rugged terrain including the west coast trail (so many times they can do it with their eyes closed), the north coast trail, cape scott, juan de fuca, and more recently a wild trip to Kalalau trail in Kauai, HI. Doug + Jamie love to take people along for the journey and operate a backpack rental and orientation company called Out of The Storm right here in Shawnigan Lake (check it out!).

SO obiviously when planning their engagement session they choose their favorite backyard stomping grounds of Mt Baldy. We planned an evening of photos in their favorite hangout doing their favorite thing - hiking. Ok so we brought wine and toned it down a bit, errr alot, for my sake mostly but the views were worth every bug bite and brush scratch. Believe me?