Mandi + AJ - engaged!



AJ met Mandi in 2003. He would regularly meet with clients and other relators in the same restaurant, at the same table, looking for the same waitress. Cue Mandi - the gorgeous and witty waitress that caught AJ's eye. For 5 years he repeatedly visited the same local always chatting with Mandi but never taking it further than that as far as he was aware she had a boyfriend. It wasn't until one day he was there with a business associate of his. When she approached the table he took a leap and introduced Mandi to his friend "This is Mandi, she is my future wife - she just doesn't know it yet". As luck would have it, she had just recently become single and agreed to one unsuspecting lunch which turned into dinner which turned into 5 years of adventure. Mandi + AJ are a perfect pair they will celebrate their 5 year "dating" anniversary this year with a wedding!

Mandi + AJ are a couple that are so genuinely happy, they are driven, romantics, they are well put together and have a strong foundation to build a BIG ol' life on. When I asked them about some of their 'favorites' they replied with "Ethnic foods, funky music, fast cars and foreign lands" - Mandi threw in Orchids, white, hiking and sunshine. Mmm sounds good to me too! I think we are going to get along just fine *wink*.

In September these two will become husband and wife. Being the awesome couple that they are they are planning a ridiculously fabulous wedding! I am so happy to be photographing their Cedar Creek Estate Winery wedding and Laurel Packinghouse reception, styled by Stage it Right (Yes! Very excited to see all their plans come to fruition!).

I was thrilled the rain held off for their engagement session last on my last trip to Osoyoos…  the sun peaked our juuust a bit but I love the muted light the overcast skies left us to work with! Get comfy friends...this one's worth scrolling alllll the way to the end!


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