Sean + Caitlin - married! Spirit Ridge, Osoyoos

Sean + Caitlin wedding day has been many years in the making. They first met while studying advance Corporate Finance - yes really - in pursuit of a degree in Accounting. Caitlin took notice of Sean early into the course. Soon Caitlin asked him out for a pint at an Irish Pub, not long after this first date Sean began cooking delicious meals for Caitlin and studying a little more Caitlin during Wednesday night's class and a little less Corp Fi. According to him its "a wonder that he ever passed the class at all". Sean fell in love with Caitlin's determination, class, brains, and kind gentle spirit. Sean says of Caitlin "she is delightfully weird" and a perfect match to his quirky antics. Caitlin's family and friends agree that once she set her eye of Sean they knew she would have her way. Caitlin has a long standing track record of setting goals and acheiving them, over and over again. For example Caitlin completed her first marathon at the young age of 16 and since then 12 or more, add to that 6 iron man's and to top it off one summer she rode her bicycle from Vancouver to Mexico - just for fun.

I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome we received from both Sean + Cait's families. Family is so important to both Sean + Caitlin we were well aware of this before their wedding day arrived - and now we understand why. Liza and I felt so cared for - made sure we had seats and ate all 3 courses of the fabulous meal. Loved the food prepared by Mica Restaurant at Spirit Ridge! Yum! Sean + Cait were so thankful to have so many of you travel far and wide to be there surrounding them with support + love. It was truly our pleasure to be able to spend the day with ALL of you : )

Also great big THANK YOU to our assistant Austin Pankratz who joined us for the day. It was your first wedding, it was hot hot hot + you rocked it! You were the best and your enthusiasm and support was mucho appreciated!

Together Sean + Caitlin have already conqured so much. At element photography we unanimously agree - the stars shine bright for Mr. + Mrs. Butler. We can't wait to see where they go!

flowers - Flowers on Main, Osoyoos

brides dress -  Ellebay Bridal, Vancouver