Froese Family - Winkler,MB

when I was home in Manitoba for a visit, long long long loooong time friends of mine Randy + Shelley were getting ready to celebrate the arrival of their second wee babe! we got together one evening to visit and, of course - snap some family photos. Bella was as chatty as ever and her imagination ran wild as we searched the woods for silly monkeys and angry tigers! she fell in love with the neighbours cat, and so to add to the smile factor Randy + Shelley also posed with the cat. hehe! so much FUN!

we wrapped up the session just as a rager of a wind and lightening storm rolled in. A perfect way to end the evening in my books! I sure love a good prairie thunderstorm ; )

Randy, Shelly + Bella welcomed a new little man to the family on June 1 2012. Jacob Ryan Froese! Congratulations to you both. I can't wait to meet him!


while mom and dad weren't looking...."here kitty, kitty, kitty...."

i think we found the silly, monkey...

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