2012 goals + my family


i'm loving all the goal setting i read about online in early January. Something so refreshing about it all. So I decided to start my own! With the new year kicking off with a big move to Vancouver Island, new jobs for M + myself things are off to a rockin' sort of DREAM BIG start. and we love it! I'll round off the post with some photos of my family absolutely killing the first annual Pfahl family Christmas photobooth. i hope you laugh, a lot. we did!

1. spend more time with M + my family

2. eat clean (trendy but what the heck)

3. develop regular workout habits

4. keep in better touch - call all my friends + family more often..facetime, skype, emails, texts or good ol' snail mail. Im going to make it happen!

5. be positive

6. invest in slideshows for my clients

7. learn more about flash + lighting

8. attend CPhA conference with my dad (i skipped out last year)

9. take another thai cooking class

10. go on a missions trip

11. book fall/winter holiday with aeroplan points

12. start making designs for house plans - dream big?!

13. lend a hand  to my friend Sara around bird's eye cove farm - however i can be of most help. Water girl??

14. plan to make more time for life - work a little less!

15. allocate more quality time in prayer + the word

16. laugh daily, and try to race M to be the first to make the other laugh daily. we're slightly competitive so this should be fun!

17. start pinning new ideas for a blog rebrand + reVAMP!

18. plan a spring trip to Manitoba + another Christmas trip. Lots of babies coming in 2012 to cuddle : )

19. DIY DIY DIY! give my new home some style. good thing M's handy!