Cassandra + Ken


Cass + Ken sweet couple from Vernon who I met a few years back on the streets of Osoyoos. A fun loving couple always up for an adventure, were always looking for an opportunity to bring Malcolm + I to famous Douglas Lake Ranch where the two of them grew up! Douglas Lake Ranch is Canada's Largest Working Cattle Ranch. With a current cattle herd of approximately 20,000 head. It was established way back in 1884 and is a sprawling half a million acres. Loads of history in all the buildings and landmarks. Ken used to cowboy on the ranch and was eager to show us the sites! We jumped at the opportunity a few weekends ago and toured the home ranch, visited with Ken's family and made our way into the back 40 - errr - 400 000 to send the night huddled up in a historic cowboy bunker. We got the fireplace roaring, broke out the table games, lit the propane lamps and had such a great time!

I'll also mention that  Cassandra + Ken celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary the summer!! So naturally some photos to mark the occasion : ) these two - just beautiful, in and out.