Kim - sun kissed glow

Hell00o gorgeous!

Meet Kim, a great friend of mine from Uni. Kim's the girl who used to intimidate me a little around the faculty. For one, she's a stunner. She hung around with the guys, she had sharp and quick wit and a serious dose of sarcasm to go with it all. And she was smartie pants, so smart she could sit in the backrow and act like it was no-big-deal. Note - I sat on the left side second row from the front, pretty much all the time. I wasn't the smartest, I wasnt from Saskatchewan, I was pretty fun or maybe just funny looking,  and I liked to chat with pretty much anyone.  I cant remember the exact time Kim and I actually started to become friends but I remember spending alot of time with her in fourth year during study breaks while prepping for PEBC's. good times. Our paths crossed constantly through student council and social events and many mutual friends. I remember when she got an offer for a job in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island and she asked me for advice on the location. Well I couldn't say enough good things about Van Isle, she took the job and off she went. Now I get to see her every time I go back with my husband! Our friendship continues to grow and its amazing to see what an incredible person she has become. Brilliant, beautiful, passionate about her career and her life. A love for travel, her furry friend Franklin, and her family. Her quick wit and sarcasm still gets me...when I actually catch on to the joke! A girl who is grounded. Honest. She talks to her mom back home weekly, daily maybe? Not to mention the covergirl for the Island Pharmacy billboards doting the highways of Vancouver Island (although if you ask her Franklin really stole the show and he can be spotted with her).

I snatched up the opportunity to shoot her while we were in Maui. Gorgeous, ocean-side location while taking in the amazing sunset. Looking at her sun-kissed glow reallllly makes me wish we were all still there!  The shoot was pretty impromptu "hey kim stand over there!" it took all of 5 minutes and it was a whoot! Here are the results!