Erin + Graham - Osoyoos wedding PART ONE

Their story starts here - Erin + Graham tied the knot on undoubtedly the hottest day of the summer. Their beautiful day started at Erin's parents home where the girls gathered to dress and put on the final touches. Her parents home is charming and decorated with vintage treasures in every nook and cranny. I loved it! Erin looked smashing in her ruffled gown and was so excited to get started with the day. But not as excited as Graham (Grey) who showed up 30 minutes early for the first-look...oops! Erin walked down the drive-way to meet her man and could hardly hold in the giggles as she snuck up to him. Sweet! Smiling from ear to ear and exchanging compliments we snapped away as they enjoyed a very emotional moment together before their big day. Portraits went super smoothly and we found ourselves dodging the sun by getting creative seeking shade!

Erin + Grey were introduced by the mother of a mutual friend of theirs, Dena Fritz who Erin happened to work with. As the story goes, they spent a few weeks texting before they actually met. They had planned to make their first meeting at a friends backyard BBQ. Erin was planning to attend with friends when Grey broke the news to her earlier that day that his truck broke down in Revelstoke and he would not be be there for the BBQ. Oh well, next time she thought. Erin was enjoying the party with friends and her daughter Kyah was splashing in the pool when Grey sent her a text - "ready?". And he walked in. Surprise!! That night they were inseparable and Erin knew she had found her match, "it just felt right to be around him". Grey surprised Erin again when they travelled with a group of friends down to Nashville for a Garth Brooks concert. He got down on one knee during "the beaches of Cheyanne" and asked Erin to be his wife! Hurray!!

There wedding day was everything they could have asked for. The setting for the wedding ceremony was the Chobotar ranch here in Osoyoos. Erin is a creative (i love), a planner, and a tad obsessive compulsive (in her own words). Her decorating was meticulous and she nailed every last detail. Most importantly the concept of the design reflected Erin + Grey, their relationship and their favorite things. Working with a tight budget she was resourceful and  drew on the outdoors and its natural beauty to decorate. Moss, old logs, stones, wooden flowers, she even hand crafted the bouquets and boutonnieres! Right down to the antlers on the table - which doubled as noise maker to get the couple to kiss - a shout out to their love of hunting. All the vintage materials were from her home decor or her mom's, perfect!

The warm, warm, summer sun shone down on Erin + Grey as they exchanged vows and everyone cheered them on as they walked down the isle as husband and wife. We loved the atmosphere of this wedding, great people, great location and everyone was so comfortable and fun. Makes sense right? Fun couples attract other fun couples! Wait till you see the results of the photobooth...coming in PART 2!

Thanks Erin + Grey so very much for everything, we were so happy to be invited to cover your special day!

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