McMahon Family - Okanagan holiday

this is so great, this is so great beacaaause this is the second shoot I have done this summer for old Uni classmates!  The first one was Catherine + Ryan, who welcomed a baby girl on August 1. Now I got to spend the morning with Brooke + Scott and their adorable little boys Grayden + Declan. Brooke + Scott were in the Okanagan for a holiday with family and cruised through Osoyoos for a photo session first enroute to Kelowna for a family wedding. It was so sweet to see them again after 4 years and to see them with 2 little boys! We caught up and snapped away and then near the end of the the session Grayden decided his beloved stuffed bear Scout needed to go for a drown. Nearly drama but Scott being the super dad that he is saved Scout in the nick of time. Phew. So he was a little soggy. Session wrapped up just as the heat was turning up so we headed out for lunch!

Thanks S + B for coming to visit, I really enjoyed it! see you again soon!