Clauzel Family - lakeside Osoyoos


When Leah and I first connected via our emails we hit it off instantly! Conversation was so light, easy, she had a vision for what she wanted out of her family photo session and my style of photography seemed to fit her vision. Perfect! I love it when my clients come to me with creative ideas for their photo session. It makes the planning stages so much more fun and gets everyone on the same page right off the get go! Leah wanted a photo session that would reflect her families, fun-filled, sun-drenched summers in Osoyoos on the lake. After a few cancellations due to our unseasonal soggy July we found a night that co-operated for both of our busy schedules and we set out to soak up the gorgeous sunset.

Thanks Glen, Leah and girls for your positive energy and creativity!   See you on the beach : )

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