M and me. trim the tree

M and me. We celebrated our very first Christmas together as a husband and wife, and what a season of joy it was!  We kicked off December with our annual Christmas tree hunt! You can check out some images from the 2009 hunt right HERE, if you like!  This year we ventured onto a different mountain, a much snowier mountain, filled with furry creatures, thick forests and many many suitable options for our tree-to-be!  This year we added to the adventure our new Honda quad and our very special friend Michelle, who was also in need of a tree to trim. Prepared with purple snow saucers for sliding and lots of warm clothes we headed out on our quest.  The coniferous trees were just covered in a heavy layer of absolutely, stinkin' gorgeous horror frost. The whole forest surrounded us in crisp white ice. heaven. We attached  those sleds to the quad and I can honestly say we laughed so hard we almost pee-ed. Our laughter echoed off the mountain walls and love snow, yes love snow (the huge white fluffy kind you see in the love-story movies) started to fall from the sky. And it just kept coming!  Perfect! I gave Michelle some tips on the camera and let her play photographer for a while (props to her for the photos of M and me). Not too shabby, thanks friend!  Soon we found one tree, and then with only 15 minutes to spare as the sun went down on Christmas Tree hunt 2010 we came across tree number two. Two perfect charlie browns. Just the way we like them.  Here are a few of the highlights from the day!