M and me.

Sarah Rhoads is a photographer that absolutely inspires me.  Her perception of the world through a lense make you step back and really notice the little things, her perspective is remarkabley unique. I love the way she shoots and I love the way she writes. A few weeks ago she posted a blog about self portraits. And it made me realize that I have not taken any honest photos of Malcolm or myself in what seemed like a very long time! More often than not I get so busy editing, proofing and posting other clients materials that many of my own personal photos get put on the back burner for "when I have time".  Well, last Sunday I found some time. That afternoon we went Christmas tree hunting up on Anarchist mountain. I toted my camera along and this time made a point to capture images of us through out the day.  As I reflected on the love and laughs we shared that day as we tromped through the snow  it reminded me of what is most important in my life, and allowed me time to reflect. Just like Sarah said,  "internal self-exploration is powerful and seems to be a therapeutic and beneficial practice for every creative". I couldn't agree more, plus  how else will we remember what we looked like, what we explored and the places we went?

Next I hope to find time to wrap up my photos from Australia. Stay tuned!