Knight family

Diane and I messaged back and forth many times trying to nail down the timing and location for this special family session. Dodging hectic schedules and rain drops we managed to secure a perfect morning for photos. We lucked out with a awesome location full of bright fall colors, snaggly snarly bushes and only a few little cactus! I watched as she chased Brody around, snuggled him, told him make-believe stories involving his hero Buzz LightYear and watched him erupt into fits of giggles!  As we walked around snapping photos of her and her family we chatted about her success story. Diane has much to be proud of and wanted to document a milestone in her life. This girl has committed herself to improving her self image and getting healthy and has dropped nearly half her size since starting her mission. amazing.   half  her  size.  Wowza, high fives girly! I have to say her transformation has left her looking fabulous, wouldn't you say??  What a great achievement and I was more than happy to snap some special photos for her.  Thanks for the awesome morning!!

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