Erin & Grey

One of the first emails I received from Erin told me alot about her and Grey. Outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers and nature lovers. One of the first emails stated plain as day "we love the mountains and we're generally pretty simple people". We are pretty simple, i love that! One of my favorite quotes goes a little something like simply so others can simply live. Anyhoo, I felt like M and I should know these people, I mean they sort of sound like M and I.  Outdoors, check, nature, check, quadding, camping and fishing, check, check, check!! By the end of our time together I had turned Erin's little girl Kyah into my photography assistant (its so fun to play make-believe with the kiddos) and exchanged numbers with Erin to attempt to turn our men into hunting partners.  Thanks for the great evening you two and even though the hunting trip did not work out just yet I am sure we will keep in touch!







eeeeeeeeeeeeeeks!!           Kyah wanted to wish everyone a spooktacular HALLOWEEN!