Dundas Family Veranda Beach session

I had a great night on July 4th, visiting Veranda Beach in Oroville WA. A  quaint little beach community, with a vintage twist definately takes you back in time. And strangely reminded me a little of Wisteria Lane from that show Desperate Housewives! All the lawns are perfectly groomed, white picket fences, even the wooden patio doors make that old fashioned and distinct "slam" when you shut them. What a neat place to stay for July long weekend! The Dundas family called Veranda Beach home for a few nights as they gathered to celebrate Denise and Rick's wedding anniversary!  We had a nice evening wandering around throughout the property laughing and snapping away. With street names such as barefoot and flip flop how could you not love this relaxing little lakeside getaway?? Malcolm came too and got to talk fishing with Liam while the little girls marveled at my camera and I snapped a few candids. As we wrapped up the shoot Denise invited us to stay for BBQ dinner...YUM! What a wonderful night thanks again!