Osoyoos wedding with photographer Jesslaine Elise

oh la la beautiful wedding post of Erin and Josh Lawsons Osoyoos wedding from photog Jesslaine Nickolet that I was lucky enough to second shoot for! Up on her blog! Jess describes it perfectly how we first found out about each other!  I stumbled on her blog over a year ago from a comment made on another favorite (now retired) couple of photographers at Dream Photography. We clicked instantly and shared advice and support back and forth via email for a few months. Then the stars aligned when she asked if I would give her a hand at a summer wedding in Osoyoos! What are the odds of that? A Saskatoon photographer (where I used to live), who has a background in healthcare (she is a registered nurse and I a pharmacist), landing a wedding in my neck of the woods? What a super girl she is and very talented at that, honest and true to her self which I really admire.  She also photographs deliveries...yes BABY deliveries...as she has lots of professional nursing experience in labour and delivery. Now I have never had a baby, or witnessed a delivery but her images are so vivid and candid they send shivers down my spine, make sure you check them out! So if you are lucky enough to be getting married or having babies in Saskatoon, (or if you have any excuse to get your photos taken) drop Jesslaine a line. You won't be sorry!

Thanks again Jess, Erin and Josh for a wonderful day!!

Flowers: Polka Dot Door

Wedding Venue: Walnut Beach Resort