Hardison turns 5! // Lifestyle session // Victoria, BC


What a difference a year can make! I have been photographing my favourite curly-haired friend since a few weeks after he was born. And today he turns 5!

Every year I LOVE looking back and reflecting on how much he has learned and changed since I saw him last. This year he was waiting for me at the front door, SO SO excited to show my his new room.  Pirate themed, amazing ship decals on the wall, new sea creature stuffies, swords, treasure chests and a cat as his first mate. Together we played and imaginations ran wild! 

After snapping some photos and playing dress up (pirates, policeman, and chef H) we had some sandwiches from the local deli ("beef and butter" for H, roast turkey on sourdough for me). A good long visit with JP + Nicole about the exciting things that happened in 2017 and what 2018 has in store. Shared tips, lessons, laughs and even a few favourite family videos too (dad's got skills!!) que more laughter. 

He still finds great joy in make-believe, his books, Puppy and his kitty cats (adding one more to the mix this year...we had to include him in photos), and surprising me with his clever vocabulary.

Such a social little man with a bright smile and a warm heart. Oh the places you will go!

Happy Birthday Hardison!