Liz + Ghislain // Married! // Bullock Lake Farm, Salt Spring Island


My friends Liz + Ghislain had an intimate wedding at Bullock Lake Farm, SSI this past September.

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to be guests at this wedding. It was so lovely and heartfelt. As I was packing up to head to the ferry Liz texted me to tell me the venue had changed from a lakeside ceremony to the barn at Bullock Lake Farm. I immediately wrote back, “What can I bring? Do you need a vintage rug?” (what??!). “Yes please! I forgot mine!!” was the response I got back from Liz. And that’s just the kind of person she is, and I love it.

We cozied up in log cabins on St. Mary’s Lake and lit our wood stoves Friday night as rain poured down from the sky. We woke up to overcast skies, and the SSI Market buzz in the air. Everyone who had a skill pitched in to make a very memorable and down to earth wedding day for L + G. From the atmosphere amongst the ladies who gathered to help her get ready, to the last minute crew getting the ceremony ready “here’s all my things, make it look good!”, to the enthusiasm of the volunteer band made of the couples friends who during the ceremony led the guests in an incredible rendition of "Lean on me" the likes I will never forget! The cup of authenticity overflowed at this wedding and Liz + Ghislain pulled off a wedding that was uniquely there’s. The best kind.

I brought my camera along to help out a friend who supported me as an extraordinary midwife. She was there for one of my life's most profound memories and it was my pleasure to document one of her's.