Jill + Rodney // Engaged // Duncan, BC



Jill + Rodney have known each other for *nearly* 2 decades. Which as you can imagine amounts to a tremendous collection of meaningful moments, stories, and an array of romantic whimsy! From volunteering as candy stripers at the local retirement home, to sneaking smiles and smart remarks as co-workers at Staples, to missing each other and letting themselves fall in love together, to conquering illness as a team, and supporting one another as they reach their educational dreams, and just last year a very simple proposal in one of the most romantic destinations in the world. You'll find yourself enjoying their company, it is comfortable and it is natural.  Jill + Rodney are so uniquely themselves in a very sincere and ordinary way.

So why not celebrate ordinary, everyday?

While thoughtfully considering "grand romantic gestures" and becoming consumed by Pinterest for their proposal and then wedding day plans in true Jill + Rodney fashion they always, always make it their own in an unsuspecting, humble and beautiful way. Though Jill would say "with us things don't always go as planned and that's just Jill + Rodney". But I would argue that things actually ARE going just as planned and that is perfectly them. There is no better thing to be true to yourself and own that. And that is exactly what these two do. 

I cannot wait to see the eyes well up and emotions stir, during a day that has been long anticipated and well thought out at their sweet September wedding this fall.