Puneet + Paul // engaged! Osoyoos, BC

puneet+paul 09.2014_40

Puneet + Paul are the kind of people you want to be your best friends.  They are interesting, they are kind and caring, they are thoughtful and smart, they make you laugh, they are genuine, and they are up for anything. These two met up with me at the beautiful Adega Winery on 45th in Osoyoos, BC just as the sun was starting to fall towards the mountains. Puneet and I had been emailing back and forth for a few months. The anticipation for this session was building for both of us. She was so excited, sharing ideas and images of outfits she purchased online for the session - this girl LOVED her skirt ; )  She happily admitted been an element follower forever and couldn't wait to have some engagement photos taken in her hometown prior to her Vancouver wedding in 2015. As soon as I met these two I knew we were in for a memorable evening.  Look at them! They both brought so much style and were so prepared for whatever the evening would bring. They went along with any idea presented and enjoyed every moment! The weather was pure perfection, and the light my absolute favourite mix of warm, golden tones, with dust in the air from the dry desert soil. It was a pleasure listening to their wedding day plans, learning about some of their cultural parties surrounding the wedding and joking with them non-stop about just about everything. We wrapped up the evening at dark, sitting on the steps of Adega enjoying a glass of wine and snacking on pieces of baguette. It was the kind of session you wish would never end. It was a true delight to meet you both and thank you for an engagement session that truly inspires and energizes the creative spirit within.


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