Sarah + Kevin - engaged

I got connected with Sarah + Kevin because I randomly liked her profile picture after I saw her name pop up on the Bird's Eye Cove Farm facebook page. No lie! I sent her a personal message about how rad I thought her profile pic was and reassured her that Bird's Eye Cove is an amazing venue (if you have been following me for a while you know that Malcolm + I were the first to marry there back in 2010 and the Bird's Eye Cove family are looong time family friend of ours).

She writes back to me...

"Hi Erika,
I can't believe the amount of coincidences associated with our wedding.
And if you are the couples pictures I saw online (below) then you are
the reason we found out about Bird's Eye Cove Farm in the first place.
Kevin and I were on google and looking at images of
Barn weddings and came across the attached photo. We LOVED it!
And through reading the blog the picture came from we decided we needed
to call that location ASAP."


 yup. that's us!

(photo cred - Jamie Delaine Photography)

We met for coffee last summer, they were off to Manitoba for a visit - my homeland (coincidences continue!). We chatted up a storm and booked their 2013 wedding! This spring I chased them around pastures and through the streets of Cowichan Bay dodging rain clouds and mud puddles. These two are a HOOT! Hard to keep a straight face while photographing them. There were lots of jokes and mad tv quotes getting passed around all afternoon...and the results look like this : )

enjoy the photos.