Holidays 2012 looked like this

For the record, this is probably the first time Ive seen my brother in camo.  The holidays really came together for M and I when my family announced mid-way through December that they would be joining us from Manitoba on the island for New Years. I was so so happy, the holidays just are not the same with out them!! We had 5 days filled with full on family time.  Together we toured the impressive Butchart Gardens holiday displays, to a good old forest tromp, sizing up trees larger than most of us had ever seen, enjoying the thick moss and luscious ferns and even spying on some local Roosevelt Elk, a walk to the Kinsol Tressel, we walked the streets of downtown Victoria and sampled coffee on every corner, and rang in the New Year with a wild game of Dutch Blitz!

I like to hug the maintenance man at Butchart.

Why did M have to wear this coat to Butchart?!? He couldn't stand in one spot for too long before someone would ask him "where are the bathrooms?".

classic islander get up. we are converting him - slowly...