Christa + Russ - engaged! Vancouver Island

"I remember laughing alot when I first met him, he is a giant nerd and I LOVE that!"

A few years ago Christa + Russ met at a going away party for a mutual friend in the winter of 2010. Both single and ready to mingle - but reportedly did not hit it off that first night - later Russ invited Christa out for lunch and she was hooked. They were pretty much inseperable after that.  I know Russ is a lucky fellow, Christa and I met in our University days and she's a pretty stinkin' awesome catch. Brilliant, beautiful, witty and dimples to boot she's always been so much fun to hang around with! In our Uni days Christa was always surrounded by a great group of friends and head of the social committee (weird hey?). And since awesome people attract other equally awesome people I know these two are set for life. I always love it when I find couples who inspire me. I found that here.

Christa + Russ will say their "i do's" in the small town of Cochrane, AB next summer. A town with laid back, old time feel and panoramic mountain views they are planning a natural outdoor ceremony and ranch house style reception. Photographer High FIVE and a High KICK (if I could) we are a little bit excited about the location!

When I met up with C + R a few weeks ago for this session I was squealing (on the inside) with excitement to 1. reunite with C 2. meet her man R and 3. photograph this lovely couple at such an gnarly location. Thanks for being open to ANYTHING! you guys were a hoot : )