Stopa Family

Meet the Stopa family!! What a fun afternoon we had together tromping around in the forest! Jackson and Rowan we so cute to work with. They both brought along their favorite toys to play with for the afternoon. For Jackson his bears, and Rowan her blankey. Rowan has toted that blanket around since she was born and even has a favorite corner that she loves to pieces!! We talked about Halloween costumes and played make-believe in the forest. Not every day I get to play make-believe! Afterwards a little picnic snack and then a few more smiles for the camera and we were all done! Thanks Hayley + Trent for being so well organized and up for anything!! Families who bring the goofiness to photo session are my favorite. This family dances' together. So naturally when photo's wrapped a dance-off ensued. Watch for Jackson's sweet moves...!


Stay tuned for more photos from a mini yoga photo session I had with Hayley. If your looking for yoga in the Oliver area look no further Hayley is sweet and very talented.

Don't delay book element's photobooth for your Christmas event today!!