Ruck Family

It looks like Nina + Derek have their hands full!! With three year old twin boys and a newborn life looks pretty full from over here : ) But don't be fooled! Marcus and Liam are pretty much the most chilled out 3 year olds I have ever had the joy of meeting. ever ever ever! They were totally skeptical of me at first and for almost the whole session! it was actually pretty funny! But we started to talk about batman and flash, hockey, and daddy's stinky toots and I managed to crack a smile or two! These two bring quiet the serious "game face" and had me pulling out all the stops. Derek know's all the right things to say to get these two going, so funny to watch them all together. Giggling like crazy! What an awesome little family!! The big brothers were super helpful with little Landon, quick to carry bottles, give kisses and cuddles whenever needed. We made funny faces, laughed at Dad and ran around in leaves and wrapped up the day with some street hockey!

Fun day guys! Fun family!! Enjoy your photos!