Cooper Family

Carrie, Lloyd, Austin + Gerica are shiny, happy people! They are a blast to be around and their door is always wide open to friends. I've been blessed to get to know Carrie + Lloyd through friends at Living Way Church in Oliver. Now we attend the same bible study on Wednesday nights and M and I have learned so much more about them and about our faith as we dive into the Word together. Carrie and I had been trying to set up a date for photos casually for a long, long, looong time. Finally one day she caught me after church and there was no more beating around the bush. "Sunday, next week. 3pm. Oliver back 40." be there or be square! It was a date. Sunday rolled around and we scampered off into the fields to dodge poison ivy, roll around in the grass, laugh alot and maybe take a photo or two. The Cooper's braved the elements as the sun dropped over the mountain things started to get a little ummm hypothermic. But we survived!! Great conversation flowed and dinner of butter chicken and samosa's filled up our bellies. (Lloyd is one heck of a cook!). Mmmm mmm good!